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George Wolfenbear Discovery

In the beginning George Wolfenbear set out on a journey to deliver a boutique range of premium artisan beard oil and balm products which are all natural, organic where possible and handcrafted in small batch here in Australia.
Since that time, the George Wolfenbear bearded lifestyle brand has evolved from an overwhelming desire to provide a platform for shared Discovery inspiring enthusiasm for the natural world each day akin to the Wolf and Bear aptly described and photographed by Lassi Rautianian from within the woods of Finland, the George Wolfenbear Discovery brand ethos is an icon which revels in positivity, the value of the shared life experiences and an aspiration for living life for Discovery.

With this growth, George Wolfenbear Discovery has branched out to source the finest organic cotton threads to create a range of branded clothing apparel to accompany and compliment this sense of discovery.

The George Wolfenbear Beard product Range of beard oils and balms; utilise a unique combination of natural botanical oils (for the love of nature) will not only soften, assist in style but provide that fresh lustre feel of an early of a morning or evening dip in an alpine mountain stream. Each drop delivers a moisture landing to both your beard and face in a way that a Scandinavian king would enjoy whilst sipping a crafty brew. The masculine base lines and crisp woody top notes of George Wolfenbear Discovery Beard products are delivered by the inclusion of all natural essential oils such as Australian Sandalwood, Australian Blue Cypress, Australian Cedarwood, Australian Tea Tree, and inspiring tree sap known as Frankincense.

You'll often see us Insta hashtag #georgewolfenbeardiscovery with photographs capturing our love for overlanding, why not become part of the George Wolfenbear Discovery story collaborating with us on your next Discovery living the bearded lifestyle.